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What makes the ELK Quit Smoking session so successful?

The unique ELK Hypnotherapy quit smoking session is successful because before commencing with the hypnosis part of the session, we ensure that our clients have a full understanding of the psychological issues that make it difficult to stop smoking. This makes this method of giving up smoking ideal for those smokers’ who would like to quit smoking, but do not believe they can, without it having a negative impact on their lives, whether that be through weight gain or irritability bought on by withdrawal symptoms. As a result the session is split into two parts:

The first part entails an in-depth discussion on the motivations and benefits of smoking. During this discussion we look at all of the benefits of their smoking habit, yes benefits, and also the smokers perceived benefits of quitting cigarettes. We also give a full explanation of why smokers who quit with the aid of hypnosis and hypnotherapy do not suffer nicotine withdrawal symptoms, cravings for cigarettes or gain weight.

The second part includes a conscious hypnotherapy session, using the amazing power of suggestion therapy, utilizing positively phrased suggestions to assist you to quit your smoking habit with ease. The suggestions given in this part of the session do not contain any aversion material, so you need not worry about having the taste of burning rubber whenever you smell cigarette or cigar smoke. Instead all of the suggestions given during the hypnosis session are positively phrased to allow you to stop smoking easily.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state which we all pass through at least twice a day when we wake up and fall asleep. For the purposes of therapy Hypnosis is really all about relaxation. At all times you will remain conscious and fully aware.

How can it help me quit smoking?

During hypnosis you will be given positively phrased suggestions which will create tangible benefits for you by stopping smoking.

An example of these suggestions would be “You will feel a tremendous sense of pride and pleasure now that you are a non-smoker”. Just think about it for a second – if every time you refused a cigarette you felt a tremendous sense of pride and pleasure – felt really really good about yourself – then would you really need to smoke?

Will I be under someone else’s control or influence? Will I be in a trance?

No, absolutely not. Contrary to the illusion created on stage or on TV you will be fully aware, fully conscious and in control. If you really wanted to you would be able to get up from the chair and leave the room.

There are many different sensations which people feel when experiencing the hypnotic state, some people feel a lightness of their limbs, some people feel a heaviness of their limbs, and sometimes people feel a tingling sensation on their features. However, the one sensation that everyone feels during the hypnotic state, is a very pleasant feeling of relaxation, calmness and quietness inside.

Will it work if I have tried Hypnotherapy or other Quit Smoking methods without success?

Yes, at ELK Hypnotherapy we frequently assist smokers who have tried and failed to quit smoking using many other methods including Alan Carr, Patches, Gum, Zyban, will power and even other forms of hypnotherapy.

What makes the ELK Quit Smoking session unique is that we ensure our clients are full aware and appraised of the psychological aspects of their smoking habit, before we commence with the hypnotherapy session. As a result of using this unique approach we have obtained a quit smoking success rate in excess of 95%!!!

Will I gain weight if I quit smoking using this method?

Sometimes when people quit smoking through will power or other methods they substitute one oral compulsion, smoking, for another, over eating. However, with the ELK Quit Smoking session, you will have replaced your smoking compulsion with a feeling of pride and pleasure every time you realize that you are now a non-smoker. In addition, right from the end of the session you will experience a feeling of vitality, feel more energetic, more outgoing. With this method it is not unusual for clients to report some months after quitting smoking that they have actually lost weight.

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe and is not addictive in any way.

About Richard Brent BA (Hons), D.Hyp, MIAH:

Richard runs a busy hypnotherapy practice in Dartford and Stratford helping clients overcome a wide range of problems. Richard trained for his Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis with the Hypnotherapy Control Board and was subsequently invited to become a full member of the International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH). In addition, Richard has also trained separately with one of the leading smoking cessation therapists in the UK – Rob Kelly. Having completed this training he now specialises in both one-to-one and group smoking cessation therapy.

The International Association of Hypno-Analysts is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of Hypnosis allied to the practice of Psychoanalysis, for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems. The Association is a non-profit making organisation whose Members have followed a course of training in Psychotherapy, Analysis and Hypnosis which enables them to specialise in 'Hypno-Analytical' Therapy.

Members of the Association are bound by a Code of Practice and Ethics of the highest order: they have satisfied an Examination Board of their knowledge and level of competence and have undertaken to abide by the Rules of the Association which requires, among other things, that they be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and such Certificate of Insurance must be available for inspection.


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