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The causes of phobias, anxiety, depression and many other unpleasant symptoms lay at an emotional, or if you prefer unconscious level. Our unconscious mind deals with our emotions, feelings, memories and imagination; whereas our conscious mind, or intellect, deals with ‘reasoning’ and rational thought.

During our formative years (usually up to about the age of 10 years old), we experience many events and emotions for the first time which we often find shocking and unpalatable. Our subconscious mind can sometimes cope with these events by concealing the event and emotions generated by the event from our conscious mind. These hidden memories and emotions can cause us great anxiety in the future particularly when we experience an event which reminds our subconscious mind of the earlier hidden experience. The anxiety generated may cause symptoms varying from a phobia or irrational fear, through to sexual dysfunction, stuttering or stammers, lack of confidence, anxiety and many many more problems.

By going through the scientific process of Analysis a person suffering from symptoms with an emotional cause, can find themselves guided to a moment of ‘surprising and liberating enlightenment’ when some of the earlier concealed memories and emotions are bought back into consciousness. This process can be greatly speeded up by the use of hypnosis enabling the person to reach a successful release from their symptoms usually within six to eight hourly sessions at weekly intervals.

Put simply, Hypnoanalysis is the most effective and quickest form of psychotherapy available today.








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